Robert Prinz

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 87,515
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    39th St Oakland 94609, United States - Mosswood
    The traffic signal for the MacArthur BART northbound frontage road at 40th Street failed to detect me on my bike again last night (Weds November 13) around 7:45pm. I waited about five minutes and never got a green light until a pedestrian showed up and pressed the walk button. Please fix this detection so it works 100%, or just put the signal on 24/7 recall.
  • Webster St Oakland 94609, United States - Pill Hill
    The shoulder on northbound Webster between 34th and 36th Streets was recently re-striped as a bike lane, but drivers are still using it as parking. Please leave courtesy notices on the cars here for the next few weeks to remind them of the change, and if the behavior persists after that then please start issuing tickets to keep the bike lane clear.
  • 1545–1599 20th St Oakland 94607, United States - Prescott Oakland Point
    Sizeable divot on newly paved portion of eastbound 20th St just east of Peralta, in line with where bike riders will be when turning off the Peralta bike lane.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    100–186 Adeline St Oakland 94607, United States - Acorn-Acorn Industrial

    I’ve made this request before and it was denied, but I implore the city to reconsider due to the severe safety concerns.

    The traffic signal at the intersection of Adeline and 3rd is on a 24/7 red flashing mode, which means that it is supposed to work like an all-way stop though drivers roll through more often than not.

    Third street is also an on-street portion of the Bay Trail with buffered bike lanes. As such bike riders and pedestrians going through this intersection have to contend with semi traffic coming to and from the port in all directions, as well as other car traffic.

    This signal needs to be put on a regular green/yellow/red phase as soon as possible, and the walk signals need to be activated. As-is the intersection is extremely dangerous as well as inaccessible to people with disabilities. I know this will slow down port traffic, but the eventual alternative is someone being severely injured or worse.

    Please consider this and take action to improve safety. Thank you.

  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    312 Clay St Oakland 94607, United States - Old City-Produce And Waterfront

    PG&E recently repaved and re-striped 4th Street as part of a utility project, but the crosswalks at 4th and Clay were not installed with high viz continental striping per Oakland’s current standard. The red curb on the near side of the crosswalks does not appear to be long enough for adequate sight lines either.

    Please follow up with PG&E to ensure that Oakland’s current design standards are being applied here and with all of the other streets and intersections they are currently working on throughout the Jack London Square area.

  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    Lakeside Dr Oakland 94612, United States - Lake Merritt
    Please shield the traffic signals for the vehicle travel lanes on southbound Lakeside at Madison/19th, so they can’t be seen by southbound bicycle riders on the protected bikeway. Currently a bike rider on southbound Lakeside waiting to turn right onto Madison can see both the vehicle traffic signal and the bike signal. But these signals are on different phases so a bike rider might be confused and think they have a green light even while the bike signal is still red. Shielding the right side of the southbound vehicle traffic signal will help to prevent this confusion.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    155 Grand Ave Oakland 94612, United States - Downtown
    The SW corner of Grand Ave and Valdez, in front of the Caltrans D4 office, does not have a curb ramp for the crosswalk crossing Grand Ave. Also, the curbside car parking spot immediately west of this crosswalk does not provide an adequate sight line and should be moved or removed.
  • 2301–2353 Market St Oakland 94607, United States - McClymonds
    Bike route sign obscured by graffiti, southbound Market Street before W Grand.
  • 4101–4177 E 12th St Oakland 94601, United States - South Kennedy Tract
    Overgrown bushes blocking the sidewalk on the north side of E 12th between 40th and 41st Aves. This is the only sidewalk along E 12th St so if it is not kept clear then pedestrians are forced into the street.
  • 4201–4299 E 12th St Oakland 94601, United States - South Kennedy Tract
    Massive trash pile on 42nd Ave at E 12th St. This is blocking the only sidewalk and curb ramp along E 12th, so in addition to being a sanitation issue it is also an ADA violation.
  • Lakeshore Ave Oakland 94606, United States - Merritt
    The traffic signal for E 18th at Lakeshore allows two lanes of car traffic to turn left from E 18th onto Lakeshore at the same time as the pedestrian phase crossing Lakeshore. This is extremely dangerous as the first lane of cars can block the view of pedestrians in the crosswalk from the second lane. Please either create a separate pedestrian crossing phase, or reduce the number of left turn lanes to one, or (preferably) both.
  • 5642–5672 Adeline St Oakland 94608, United States - Santa Fe
    You need to fix the signal timing in all directions at Adeline/Market right away. The amount of time between when the signal for one of the streets goes red and the other goes green (plus a walk signal) is much too short for this wide intersection, and there are lots of close calls from drivers and bike riders getting stuck in the intersection on red, or rushing through then cutting off a pedestrian with a walk signal.
  • Other City Services Acknowledged
    Maritime St Oakland 94607, United States - Prescott Oakland Point
    The traffic signal at Maritime/Burma in the Port of Oakland is on constant red-flashing mode in each direction, 24/7. This intersection is where the bike/walk pathway crosses Maritime to continue along Burma, and there are currently walk signals and buttons but they are all turned off. Due to the high level of semi traffic here and frequency with which drivers run through the red flashing signal, it can be very dangerous for path users to cross here, especially with kids or people with disabilities. Please change this to a regular green/yellow/red phase signal at all hours, and turn on the pedestrian signals and buttons so people walking or biking who need to cross in the green crosswalk to continue along the path can rely on them.
  • 704 Maritime St Oakland 94607, United States - Prescott Oakland Point
    The new bike/walk path along Maritime through the Port of Oakland is great, but it always seems full of glass, gravel and trash while the adjacent roadway is nice a clear. Please make sure the Port of Oakland sweeps this path weekly so it remains safe to use.
  • 5434 Market St Oakland 94608, United States - Santa Fe
    Pothole on the crosswalk line, WB 55th St at Market St.
  • 5428 Market St Oakland 94608, United States - Santa Fe
    Rough pavement at the NE corner of 55th Street and Market, in the crosswalk and in line with where bike riders will be turning from the WB 55th St bike lane onto the NB Market St bike lane.
  • Overland St Emeryville 94608, United States - Emeryville
    The traffic signal for northbound Overland did not detect me on my bike today at 10:30am, as I waited behind the crosswalk to turn left onto 65th Street.
  • Oakland 94606 United States - Peralta-Laney
    There’s a capsized boat in the Lake Merritt channel just west of the 7th Street bridge.
  • Lake Merritt Blvd Oakland 94607, United States - Merritt
    Lime scooter in the middle of the Lake Merritt channel between the pedestrian bridge and the 12th St bridge. Please remove.
  • 1414 Clay St Oakland 94612, United States - Downtown
    The mast arm signal head at the southbound Clay St midblock crossing between 16th and 14th Streets is not on. Please fix.